Overview - What you focus on, grows

When you think of an agency owner and entrepreneur, what are some of the first things that come to mind?

Hectic schedule?
No free time?
Team meetings?

Yep, all those things apply. And there will definitely be days where that’s the overwhelming narrative. But there’s a special balance we have to achieve with our personal and professional lives in order for everything to work in harmony so we don’t hit mental roadblocks when building an agency. 

This module paves the way for your mind to be prepped for the business focused modules coming up.

1. Prime Time For Your Mind

Your brain has certain times of day that are prime for peak performance around different types of activities. How can you tap into them, and when?

You don’t have to wake up at 5 am every morning in order to successfully run an agency or be a high performing entrepreneur.

You’ve probably crafted a schedule based on input from what “works” for other people. While it’s true that certain people are morning people, night owls, have an easier type with deep work in the mornings, and quick tasks in the afternoon as energy wanes, there’s also different times of day when your mind is “open” and able to be primed in positive and negative ways.

Tapping into these specific times of day naturally or simulating them with tools can improve your focus and thinking in the long-term. We’ll be sharing techniques backed by science to help prime your brain for each day.

2. Quieting the Noise and Being Present

Being fully engaged, present and mindful and being able to block out irrelevant noise matters in your personal life and professional/collaborative life. 

Entrepreneurs are similar to high performance athletes. We need to be hyper focused on specific pieces of business or people at certain times and be able to block out the noise that doesn’t matter.

Your brain is probably moving a million miles a minute, but there’s a huge benefit to learning how to be present and quiet the noise. One of the many things that makes business owners fascinating is how busy and active our brains are, but you have to figure out a way to sustain that power without burning out. 

Managing your time is valuable, but managing your energy is invaluable. This might sound a little woo at times, but it’s undeniable effective.

3. Habits for Success

Developing habits is crucial to running a successful agency and also finding balance in your down time. 
There’s a ton of different studies on how long it takes to form a habit (spoiler alert: it’s not that magical 21 day mark that we hear everywhere) but the suggested average is 66 days, give or take.

And trying to remember to DO these things takes up valuable space in our brains.

There’s a number of different reasons why we can’t just *can’t* seem to get habits to stick. 

In this part of the module, we’re going to focus on methods to help habits stick rather than focusing  on the length of time it takes to establish them, integrating the “less and more” methodology into your personal and professional life, and a Personal Performance Review System (PPRS) that’ll help us find areas we need to tweak and improve on a weekly basis.

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