Overview - Getting your mind right

1. The Curse Of The Entrepreneur

You’re here because you’re cursed, but not all curses are bad.

Once you understand the predicament you’re in, you can learn how to control it – and put it to work as a strength. I will show you how to harness your power to focus on what’s most important.

You don’t have to pass on great new ideas and opportunities that come across your desk – you just need to pass on the wrong ones. This simple mental framework will give you the scorecard to make the right decisions.

2. Engineering Your Ideal Life

If you want a life you love – your life must be lived intentionally.

I’m going to show you how to intersect the Pareto Principle with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to design your agency. Not all agencies are the same; and they shouldn’t be. What’s right for some agency owners is the opposite of right for others.

Most business owners have an idea, test that idea (sometimes), find some traction, sell a little bit and are suddenly in business. That’s a great way to build a reactionary business that doesn’t support your vision for your life. The first part of your entrepreneurial journey needs to be planning how your business fits into your ideal life and not the other way around.

3. Identifying What’s Most Important

There’s a good chance you’re not that great at prioritization. It’s not an inherent, intrinsic, or innate ability – it is a learned behavior.

At this point we’ve run through how to think about your 80/20 so it 1) supports your personal needs and 2) aligns with your end-goal and ideal mix.

This next exercise is going to examine all the current efforts you’re spending your time on within your business, and force you to select a finite list of only those that will have the biggest impact on getting you to your ideal day.

4. Building Systems of Accountability

Who’s holding you accountable? Your significant other or children? That’s not true accountability – because it’s personal.

We’re going to work together to build true accountability for you and your professional goals. It’s objective and systems based, opinion has no place here.

These systems will in turn become motivating factors that actually create an intrinsic force within you to move the right pieces on your agencies chess board.

Sound flowery? It’s not, these are techniques used by the top peak performance coaches in the world with Fortune 500 CEO’s and Olympic athletes, because they work.

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