Overview - Building your brand

A brand is more than a name and a logo, but let’s start there.

An uncomfortable check against your "brand"

It’s likely that the name you have now (and whatever branding you have built out to date, if any) is not going to be suitable for getting your business to the $1 million level.

The anatomy of an effective sales page

I’ll show you why a smaller website, built in just the right way, is going to be far more effective to get you to $100k/month in revenue than a large, inflated one that doesn’t focus on your brand.

Establishing legitimacy in your niche

 I’ll share strategies for getting noticed, building your initial set of high-impact professional relationships.

Investing in press

Press (or PR) can be expensive and take a lot of work, there are a few shortcuts out there that can help you get started to get the logo's / mentions you need to help level-up your brand.

Agency Builder

Designed to Scale 
3 Core Areas

1. Sales
2. Team
3. Profit

Whether you're looking to start an agency, or turbocharge the growth at an existing one - Agency Builder is your fast forward button for building the business you want.

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