Overview - Your ideal customer profile and designing an offer they can't resist

What is Your Niche, and Who is Your Audience

Who are your current clients and new sales targets?

Where do they hang out online?

Are you defining your niche too broadly? (note: this may be limiting your sales effectiveness). 

In this exercise I'll show you how to find (and efficiently mine) stores of audience data straight from the fingertips of your audience. We'll zero in on your niche (or likely sub-niche) and we'll build your ideal audience matrix.

What Should You be Selling

What are the most common questions your audience is asking? 

Which specific language are they using to describe their most pressing pain? 

What are the current solutions or supplemental solutions they're experimenting with? 

With your ideal audience matrix in hand, we'll answer these questions and you will create a list of new products and services. 

Designing Your Roadmap Offering

Your initial, out of the gate pitch needs to offer high value for a low cost amount. 

I'm not talking about a $99 product or service, but something that's less than a thousand dollars and gives you the opportunity to create trust, and sell more. 

You will design this based on your research so far this month, and then start testing it (and I'll show you how). 

Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile

The next exercise in Month 2 will involve defining your customer demographics to create your buyer personas. 

In order to be more effective at selling you need to map out your buyer’s journey, so you can understand it. You will create your ideal customer avatar.

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