Overview - Setting up project management for scale

Active (and effective) management of tasks and resources is probably the #1 sticking point I hear when talking to other agency owners.

Funny enough, it’s usually from Founders jumping right into the deep end with a big, expensive piece of software thinking it will fix all their problems.

It doesn’t make sense to build the clubhouse before the club, and in the same vein, without the processes in place simply throwing tools at them won’t achieve anything.

A dead simple management process that works

There is a dead simple daily management process that will get you to 30 employees without software. I’m going to show you what it is, why it works, and how to use it.

Creating service specialization with departments

Delineating your services into departments will allow you to scale as fast as you need to support sales. There is a way to do this so it supports your service offerings and preserves your capital from large investments in pre-trained talent.

Creating a production schedule

How many clients can you currently handle? When will you need to hire to support additional client needs? If you aren’t running a production schedule – you can’t possibly have answers to these questions rooted in anything more than “your gut,” and that’s not how you build a sustainable business. 

Instead you need to build out a pipeline of time that’s available across your employees and/or contract resources and operate with a buffer zone on total resource output so you’re hiring before it’s too late. 

Building systems for reporting

For many agency services, you’re only as impressive as your client reports - I’ll show you systems for building internal reporting that will give you immediate insight into your resource utilization, profitability, and help you manage hiring and resource costs.

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