Overview - Designing your growth engine

Building growth engines is what I currently spend most of my time doing at my agency. 

Part of the reason is because of how much of an impact it has on the growth of the business, with the other part being how much I love doing it.

The term “growth engine” in and of itself is misleading, it’s not truly representative of what it’s used to describe – and I’ll show you why.

I’ll walk you through my process for building growth engines; where, what, why, and how. Furthermore, I’ll do something I’ve never done before – I’ll walk you through all of the pieces behind my personal growth engine, describing something in detail is one thing – but physically showing it is another all together.

This month we'll cover:

What is a Growth Engine

We'll walk through the more traditional meaning behind the term, what it means to put the pieces in place, and I'll clarify my distinction, and why it's different.

Owned vs. Hosted

An important note to consider when building assets for your growth engine is ownership and control. It's not an either or, but it's important to understand the nuance between the two so you're aware of any repercussions before you make the investment.

Behind the scenes look at my agency growth engine

Some of these components will be obvious, and we've already discussed a few, however, others I've never shared before - at least not in this context. I'll show you what they are, explain their purpose, and then show you the data on how they're performing.

Building your growth engine

Now that you have your arms around what it is, how it works, and what it can do in terms of performance - it's time to lay out how to approach building your own, and then getting started.

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