Overview - Developing a sales process

With your growth engines underway, we need to move onto making sure you are able to capitalize on your new lead-flow as it begins to increase.

To do this you will need to design a system that takes your warm leads, qualifies them in a way that gives you an unfair advantage, and then when they’re red hot – pushes them through a proven process for selling and closing.

My system is built around (mostly) free tools, with a few options for relatively cheap upgrades (like a lightweight app that costs $19/mo for example) that will allow you to focus your effort where it matters most.

I’ll explain why I’m no longer part of the sales process in my agency, what it’s done for the business, and how you can do the same.

We’ll then bring this all back to sales reporting so you can always have a handle on your numbers and understand what to improve and when.

Here's how the process breaks down.

Crafting your lure

You are going to use a process-driven report . that highlights weaknesses within the prospect's current solution - specifically highlighting opportunities. You're going to deliver this information with a proactive nudge to speak to your best sales people; your clients.

Tightening your reel

This is an exercise in showing off your process. It's critical to have a systematic approach to bring your leads through your sales funnel, and then meticulously execute on that process - demonstrating your keen attention to detail. This experience is what is going to make or break you in the Client's mind, even before the proposal is presented.

The net

This is your actual proposal. I'll show you what crappy proposals look like (using my own embarrassing example) and then I'll show you what a million dollar proposal looks like. Best of all, you can take my presentation deck and use it for your own agency (just swap out the branding :) ).

Designing your pipeline

The final crux of your sales process is to look at how things flow through your pipeline. More times than not, when I'm reviewing agency pipelines they're overly simplified, in that they're not setup in a way to track when the ball is in your court. More so, they're not designed to consider handing off management of pieces to other people - as you step outside of your sales process.

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