Overview - How to hire, delegate, and scale the RIGHT team

Defining your culture

Why are you the agency you are? What does it mean to be part of your team? 

Pre-screening and Hiring

Finding the right talent is hard. Here's a system for hacking the hiring process and building an efficient process for scaling hiring and talent development over time.

What benefits employees

Employee benefits are more than healthcare and retirement. I challenge you to rethink of what you offer your team that benefits them as people and humans, not just employees.

Scaling Team Members

At this point you have support resources in place and your system for fulfillment dialed in, it’s time to start thinking bigger.

We’ll analyze the capabilities that are most important for where your business will be in the next 12 months.

You will develop your ideal team mix and outline what culture means to you.

You’ll start building your virtual bench. I’ll share the counter-intuitive strategies I use to find agency talent where you’d least expect it.

Finally, you’ll take a step back and reflect on your outcomes from your Month 1 exercises – and use this to consider who you need to be attracting, retaining, and how your team will need to evolve over times to support this vision.

Agency Builder

Designed to Scale 
3 Core Areas

1. Sales
2. Team
3. Profit

Whether you're looking to start an agency, or turbocharge the growth at an existing one - Agency Builder is your fast forward button for building the business you want.

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