Agency Builder

Designed to Scale 
3 Core Areas

1. Sales
2. Team
3. Profit

Whether you're looking to start an agency, or turbocharge the growth at an existing one - Agency Builder is your fast forward button for building the business you want.


The biggest thing for me about ​Agency Builder​ was the sense of not being on the journey alone. Especially amongst people who have been very financially successful on a similar mission. ​ Seeing others who have gone through the same struggles, and overcame them at a high-level, just naturally inspires and motivates you to do the same.
Glen Allsopp,
As entrepreneurs we are usually skilled enough to get a business off the ground with our own talents and drive. To take that business to the next level we need to involve people and processes. Agency Builder helps entrepreneurs learn the mindset, systems, and management tactics needed to scale
Brian Nagele, SEO Digital Group
One part training program, one part support group, Agency Builder is a must have resource for agencies dedicated to scaling their business with profitability in mind. Throughout the program, Nick goes deep into the minutia of successful agency patterns, providing the tools and support necessary to align your business with practical long term goals.
Rich Staats, SecretStache
The Agency Builder has been an incredibly good investment for my business. While working with Nick, I was able to double my year-over-year revenue (which was already in the low 6-figures) while working a full-time job. I learned a ton about the agency business model and feel confident in my ability to continue growing my agency to 7-figures and beyond.
Cody West, Assisted Reach
What got you to $500K, won’t get you to $1M. Agency Builder has been a wake up call. An incredible resource for those who wish to build a real company, and move away from being just a scrappy, hybrid agency/freelancer.
Adam Steele, Loganix
Coming from a sporting background having a coach is a necessary step to take if you want to improve. I approach business with the same philosophy, and when I heard Nick was opening up an accelerator I joined immediately. Being able to tap into his years of experience of running a successful agency combined with tools to help level up every aspect of your agency - what more can you ask for.
Elliott Davidson, Contrast Digital
Warning, if you don't have a serious desire to change a lot of the aspects of your agency, then Agency Builder  is not for you. AA has allowed me to refine a lot of our processes, add new processes, and set my agency up for consistent growth. The modules are packed with a lot of insight and give you a step-by-step guide of replicating it for your agency. It's a great investment and I urge you to join!
Blake Denman, RicketyRoo

What's included?

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Training Materials

The Entrepreneur Mindset
The curse of the entrepreneur
Using routines (rituals) as anchors
Engineering your ideal life
Identifying what's most important
Building systems of accountability
[GOOGLE SHEET] Routine/Habit Tracker Worksheet
EMAIL TEMPLATE Calendar Gatekeeping Intro
84.5 KB
[WEBINAR] The Curse of the Entrepreneur
33 mins
Your Mental Landscape
Overview - What you focus on, grows
Prime time for your mind
Quiet the noise; get present
Building successful habits
[GOOGLE SHEET] Personal Performance Review System Worksheet
[GOOGLE SHEET] Less and More Tracking Worksheet
Setting Up Your Business for Success
Overview - Setting up your business for success
Your ideal business structure
Pricing based on required profit margin
Invoicing to support cash-flow
Financial strategies for agency owners
Agency Statement Of Work (SOW) TEMPLATE
65 KB
Professional Consulting Services Agreement TEMPLATE
124 KB
Independent Contractor Agreement TEMPLATE
30.8 KB
82.5 KB
[SLIDE DECK] Financial Strategies for Agency Owners
1.78 MB
[WEBINAR] Setting up your business for success
35 mins
The Key Ingredients to Building a Successful Agency
58 mins
Building Your Brand
Overview - Building your brand
An uncomfortable check against your "brand"
The anatomy of an effective sales page
Establishing legitimacy in your hyper-niche
Example sales page
[WEBINAR] Building your brand
36 mins
Finding Your Ideal Customer
Overview - Your ideal customer profile and designing an offer they can't resist
Defining your actual niche and finding your ideal audience
What should you be selling
Designing your trust offer and how to test it
Creating your customer avatar
Customer Avatar Story
Audience Matrix
Reddit Scraper
Customer Avatar Worksheet
[VIDEO] Overview - Agency Builder Reddit Scraper
2 mins
Setting Up Project Management for Scale
Overview - Setting up project management for scale
A dead simple management process, that works
Creating service specialization with departments
Creating a production schedule
Building systems for reporting
QBR Dashboard Template - Google Sheets
Client Success Dashboard
[SLIDE DECK] Setting up project management for scale
Setting up your Agency Resource Manager
Agency Resource Manager
[WEBINAR] Setting up project management for scale
48 mins
Designing Your Growth Engine
Overview - Designing your growth engine
What is a growth engine
Owned vs. hosted
A look inside my agency growth engine
Building your own growth engine
Growth Engine Dashboard [Google Sheet]
[WEBINAR] Designing your growth engine
48 mins
Developing a Sales Process
Overview - Developing a sales process
Crafting your lure
Tightening your reel
The net
Designing your pipeline
Pipeline Tracker
Agency Pitch Deck
[WEBINAR] Developing a Sales Process
32 mins
Managing Your Client Relationships
Overview - Customer Relationship Management
Client onboarding
Proactive client management
Handling upset customers
[WEBINAR] Customer Relationship Management
40 mins
How To Hire, Delegate, and Scale The Right Team
Overview - How to hire, delegate, and scale the RIGHT team
Defining culture fit
Pre-screening & Hiring
Boundaries are your friend
What benefits employees
Building a contractor ecosystem
What will you be selling next year?
Building your virtual bench
Tapping talent for future potential, not current capabilities
[WEBINAR] How to hire, delegate, and scale the right team
41 mins
Building a team thats right for you (1).mp4
48 mins
Scaling Your Client Business
Overview - Scaling your client business (and your revenue generation)
Becoming a valuable partner
Building your client acquisition roadmap
Turning customers into more customers
Firing a missile across your prospects bow
Top 50 Target Clients
[WEBINAR] How to Scale Your Client Revenue and Leads
30 mins
Building Your Referral Engine
Overview - Building your referral engine
How to extend your network
How to formalize your Partner Program
Growth through strategic acquisition
How to Build Strategic Partnerships in Your Agency